A few words from some of our satisfied customers!

We are in shock! The stain lifted right off the rug and the sofa with no effort at all. It had been on there sometime between two days and a week, and we have no idea how it got there. This is so cool!

Dr. Anne F,

We had a house full for the holiday, 10 adults and 7 kids. Late one night a very full glass of red wine was knocked off the table on the light-colored carpet. Needless to say, everyone's heart skipped a beat. I got out my handy-dandy spill kit and a short time later there was not a visible sign of the wine. Another time, a container of tomato soup spilled on a dining chair. Every bit came out, with no ring left behind. In my mind, that made every penny of cost worthwhile!

Ms. Sharon M.,

Dear Chris,
Thank you for connecting me to Bonnie and Price Oulla. My little (dog) Sugar "christened" my new rug. Apparently, water based spillage on a (viscose) rug can ruin it. After Price's initial attempt to remove the urine, there was still a yellow stain. Bonnie and Price stood behind their product and took the additional time to find a new Fiber-Seal product, then come to my house a second time. Thanks to Fiber-Seal, all trace of the stain is 100% gone. If any of your customers want to know how great Bonnie and Price are in terms of standing behind their product and also how wonderfully it worked on a fabric type that typically would not have such good stain removal results, I would be happy to give a recommendation. It is a pleasure in this day and age to fine people who care so much about what they do.

Monica S.,